Soul Surf Series Comps - Orange County, CA Surfing Contest

Soul Surf Series Comps - Orange County, CA Surfing Contest

Soul Surf Series Surfing Comps

Soul Surf Comps offers excellent competition for all ages, beach games, music, food and prizes for participants.

Soul Adventures, Inc. holds these and other surf events in support of our Military Surf Club and Camps programs Each event, we donate a portion of the proceeds to fund the CPK Programs that run year round in honor of the military families and their service.

Our opening event for the season is on
Saturday, September 26, 2015 at Church Beach
Registration for each comp closes at
8pm on the Wednesday before the comp.

New Schedule for 2015-16!

2015-2016 COMP FEES

There is a one time membership fee per contestant of $100.00.
Soul Surf operates the contest series as a non profit organization therefore the membership fee is a tax deductible donation.

Entry Fee (Discounted Rates available
if you sign up for 3 Comps at a time):

1 Event   (1 division)— $60.00
3 Events (1 division)— $165.00 (Reg. 180.00)

Each Additional Division is $40.00
3 Events (2 divisions)— $285.00 (Reg. 300.00)
3 Events (3 divisions)— $405.00 420.00)

Example: 2 Comps w/ 2 Divisions: (60.00 + 40.00) x 2 Comps = $200.00

The fee for the championship event will be announced later in the year.

For the 2015-16 season, we will require a surfer to compete in a minimum of 3 events to be eligible to surf in the championship.

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Soul Elementary Team Comp series for Under 12 (competing as a team)

Please Contact Us to join a team in your area.

We will run the new team series with a minimum of 8 teams registered with 10 kids minimum per team. The teams can be combined schools in the same district for Season #1. Ages 11 and under. The contest days will be on Sunday afternoons, 12pm - 4pm.

See The Schedule

Contest Series Organized by:

Soul Surfing, Laguna Beach, CA - Contact Us!

Soul Surf Series Comps